We Have Been Lied To!

It seems as if today more and more people are spouting off nonsense as if it was fact. There are powerful forces at work to make people believe in all this nonsense. One of the most powerful ways is through propaganda. When you turn on your television or open a newspaper, there is a steady stream of carefully crafted emotionally arousing words that are telling you what to think and what to believe. Powerful political and business interests have no reason for the general population to know the truth. That's not in their interests whatsoever. They want people to believe in their own twisted propaganda.

What is most appalling is how brazen they have become at forcing almost anything down the throats of their citizens. Sometimes as a joke, they will make something completely ridiculous up just so that they can have a good laugh at all the people who have lapped up their absurdity like thirsty dogs. One of the biggest jokes that these powers-that-be have pulled on humanity is the nonsense that the Earth is round. People have become so conditioned to believing that the earth is round, that they refuse to be open-minded about any other viewpoint. They'll even laugh at people who dare to challenge the dogma of their earth-is-round cult.

Unfortunately for the earth-is-round fundamentalists and the propagandists who have duped them, the truth always wins out in the end. Let's take a look at some of the incontrovertible truths that absolutely prove that the earth is flat.


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Use Your Eyes

What is absolutely amazing about the earth-is-round cultists is that they absolutely refuse to use their eyes. It's easy to do. How many fingers do you have? If you use your eyes and you hold your hand in front of your face, then you will clearly see that the answer is five. What color is the sky? To answer this question, you will probably use your eyes. When you do this, you will see that the answer is blue. Now, is the Earth round or is the Earth flat? Rather than accepting the propaganda, use your eyes. Look at the Earth. It's quite obvious that it is flat. If you are in an open area without any mountains or hills, this fact becomes even more obvious. As far as the eye can see, the Earth is nothing but flat.

How Good is Your Balance?

Have you ever tried to balance on something round like a ball or a log? If you're like most people, then you have found that it is extremely hard to do. It's so ridiculous to think about standing on something round that people actually pay money to go to a circus so that they can watch a clown or a monkey try to do it. In this case, it's all the people who think the Earth is round who are the real clowns. How would it be possible for everyone to balance on something that was round? If it was true that the earth was round, then you would see people losing their balance all the time. Everywhere you looked, you would see someone fall down. It's not happening because the Earth isn't round.

You Need Something to Stand On

The next time you need to set down a cup of coffee, try this: reach your hand under the table, and press the coffee mug firmly against the bottom of the table. Then let go, and see what happens. You already know what will happen. The mug will crash to the floor and break. That's because people and things can only stand or rest on TOP of something, not under it. Yet, the earth-is-round enthusiasts claim that the Australians live on the underside of the earth. The nonsense never ends with these people.

So the next time you are tempted to believe that the earth is round, do yourself a favor and use a little common sense.


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