At first glance, e-personals.info appears to be a website stuck in the 1990s. The striking, green, Comic Sans-style font announcing "Pickled Pauline's Problem Pages" is the first thing your eyes latch on to - and not in a good way. Comic Sans is a font best reserved for children's comics and not for adult's websites, even if they are light-hearted.

Comic Sans features throughout the website in large font, a characteristic again reminiscent of Internet years gone by. There is only one image on the page, which is a green bottle with a face on. The bottle appears to be drunk but, to its credit, it is vaguely the same sort of green as the header, so it at least maintains some continuity.

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The content of the page is a 'problem page' typical of what you'd find a life magazine aimed at middle-aged women. The theme of the problems is mostly sexual, which again is juxtaposed with the child-like design themes on the page. It seems as though the "problems" are jokes and that the website is created to give the reader a bit of a laugh.

But, for some bizarre reason, there is a Short Term Car Insurance page, which is completely not in keeping with the theme of the page. It appears to be genuinely advertising the purchase of short term car insurance, but I can't for the life of me understand why. It doesn't relate to the rest of the website in any way shape or form. Perhaps it's a joke that I'm simply not in on, or Pauline gets an amount of money for advertising this. Either way, I doubt many people would go from browsing joke problem pages to purchasing car insurance, and if they did, I imagine they would go via more reputable and professional looking pages than this.

To the whole website's credit, it is reasonably well written, if a little eccentric. There is a 'Letters to the Editor' section with a number of fairly lengthy stories, for the most part related to car insurance again.

All in all, this website left me completely baffled. The information mark at the bottom says 2012, which seems to indicate the website has been maintained this decade, which is not immediately obvious. The content is curious and the links to car insurance is dumfounding. Well written and good grammar, but ultimately odd. Very odd.

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